Experience the Texture Mill

with a growing library of
seamless textures at your finger tips.

Texture Mill provides artists access to thousands of seamless textures and repeatable background textures for any project. Additionally, Texture Mill integrates into every pipeline, available both as a stand alone application or as a plugin for Maya and Blender.

Installing Texture Mill:

Installing Texture Mill

Installation is easy. There's one simple installer whether you're planning to use it as a stand-alone application or a plugin.

Logging In:

Logging In

Once you sign up, you can sign into the Texture Mill application to gain instant access to our entire texture library and seamless background patterns.

Navigating The UI:

Navigating The UI

Texture Mill's interface was designed to make finding and fine-tuning the right texture quick and easy. Whether you're searching for a texture or fine-tuning one, our UI provides intuitive control.

Bookmarking Your Textures:

Bookmarking Your Textures

With the bookmarking feature, you can mark your favorite tileable, royalty free textures for easy access. This means starting work today right where you left off yesterday.

Running As A Plugin:

Running As A Plugin

All of The Texture Mill's textures have been placed into easy-to-navigate categories and subcategories for near instant access to just the texture you're looking for.

Fine-tuning Your Textures:

Fine-tuning Your Textures

Using The Texture Mill's texture editing tools, you can fine tune the textures from within the app itself, allowing endless variations on our already massive library of repeatable textures.